Our process begins with strategy that defines how we interact with our clients. It ensures that projects are executed on budget and on time.

Phase 1: Consulting

We fully explore your business and learn as much as possible about your goals for your new website. Our techniques to gather this information may include surveys, personal interviews, and content collection. The goal is to identify target markets, core competencies, unique factors, and brand success strategies. We also address any naming issues such as domain name and trademark.

Phase 2: Design

We list all elements of your business identity, such as main logo, corporate colors, corporate typeface, etc. With that information in mind, we create a professional-looking design mockups. We generally design multiple sections of your site to illustrate how a single design concept can be applied to pages at all levels of your website architecture.

Phase 3: Building & Development

Once designs have been approved, building & development begin. Our programmers and technical experts work closely with the designers to make sure the form and function of your site are fully coordinated. We also work with you at this phase to instantiate any static content on the website.

Phase 4: Testing and Training

Thorough testing is often skipped by our competitors. We test your website from various browsers and platforms. We also provide appropriate training so your staff is familiar with the site and can use it effectively.

Phase 5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Following Testing and Training, we ensure that the site is Search Engine Optimized

Phase 6: Launch

We setup DNS (Domain Name server), Email Accounts, and launch you new website

Phase 7: Ongoing Maintenance

Launching your Website is not the end of our process. We work with you to address ongoing maintenance issues which might include augmenting existing content or developing custom applications.